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Arusiak AMARIAN - Creator, inspirer, lecturer, and project supervisor.

- Behind her shoulders there are more than 150 implemented projects in Russia and all over the world;

- Member of the "Russian Producers Guild".

- Created large-scale concerts, loud events, shows, popular TV programs and TV shows, documentaries, video clips and much more;

- 13 years in television, event, and media production;

- Two university degrees in television journalism and analytical psychology;

- At the age of 20, she became the youngest program director in the history of television;

- Lecturer at Moscow State University in the field of film and television production;

- General producer of large-scale music awards.

– She went from «First» Channel  to the international holding company «MusicBox»

– Created a unique online production school "The Beginning"



Xenia Druze

Director of editing of TV programs of "Channel One", a cycle of documentary films.

Elena Yolkina

Chief editor of post-production

Olga Derugina

Brand Director, Nestle, Duracell, Tic-Tac.

Pavel Kozlov

Operator of federal TV channels, state events

Roman Mirov

Presenter, TV presenter, showman, artist.

Svetlana Khachiyan

PR-producer, marketer, founder of PR-ME agency.

Sergey Druz

Principal director of TV programs and YouTube content.

Tatiana Efanova

Legal adviser to media companies since 2006

Anna Grachevskaya

TV host, actress, model, showwoman.

Andrey Karpenko

Public personality, event presenter, visionary

Sergey Severinov

Worked with superstars like Egor Creed, Rita Dak,ota, Roma Acorn and others.  

Sergei Zanimonets

Event producer, organizer, creator of creative projects

Natalia Roslan

Director of the show programs

Ksenia Tsedra

Correspondent on entertainment TV channels

Alina Shebanova

Marketing Director, scriptwriter.

Margarita Pozoyan

Pop singer, songwriter, public figure.

Marina Khrabrova

Media Holding Sales Manager

Julia Tremaskina

International show/event producer

Nikita Martinov

PR Director of Cosmopolitan Russia

Tatyana Bogoslavskaya-Orel

Managing Partner of the Creative Brand and Event Agency

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